Why is bamboo clothing so incredible?

Why is bamboo clothing so incredible?

October 10, 2018

You hear us go on and on about how much we love bamboo, but we thought it about time to really explain some bamboo clothing advantages and why we chose to use it for our Australian-made sportswear range. 

At first thought, bamboo may not seem like a very good textile material, but that tough woody plant often used in building and construction does magically transform into the most comfortable fabric around. To do this, the bamboo canes are pulped until they separate into thin fibres. These fibres are then spun (sometimes with a form of elastic) then woven into a cloth and dyed. Due to the porous nature of the fibre and the light natural colour, bamboo takes on dye extremely well, resulting in brilliant colour.

Bamboo clothing advantages for you

  • Bamboo is so comfortable!
    Firstly, let’s just be superficial for a moment; you can’t discuss bamboo clothing advantages without noting how soft it is to wear. Lightweight yet durable, you will feel like you are wearing nothing at all when you pop on your bamboo gym clothes and step out the door. This is because the bamboo fibres are very porous, containing micro-gaps that allow for better ventilation and reduce the weight of the finished fabric. It is hypo-allergenic, making it the go-to for people with sensitive skin and naturally UV protectant (although we still advocate slip, slop, slap – especially in our harsh Aussie summers!)
  • Bamboo keeps that sweat at bay
    Second to this is bamboo’s ability to wick moisture away from the skin – again primarily due to the unique composition of the bamboo fibres. It is what’s called hydrophilic, meaning it absorbs more water than conventional fabrics. Your bamboo sports clothing will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what your workout brings.
  • Combat that post-gym pong
    Regardless of how much deodorant you wear or how you wash your gym gear, it inevitably ends up with a certain…aroma. That is, of course, if you aren’t wearing bamboo! The bamboo plant contains a special antimicrobial compound known as bamboo-kun that provides a level of natural resistance to pest and fungal infection. Some of this natural antimicrobial effect is retained even once the plant has been made into a textile. This gives you, the wearer, the same antimicrobial and antibacterial benefit. The TnG Apparel team has noticed our personal gear doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as our other sportswear - and we have had many customers agree this is a sold selling point!

Bamboo clothing advantages for your planet

Now for bamboo’s eco-credentials, which were another very important reason we decided to utilise this amazing fabric in our sustainable sportswear rage.

  • No need for deforestation
    Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family and the fastest growing woody plant in the world, reaching up to an impressive 35m tall. From a sustainability point of view, bamboo is significantly better than traditional tree plantations or cotton as the crops do not have to be completely cut down and removed for harvest. Instead, new canes are left to grow from the original plant and are ready for the cycle to begin again in as little as one year. Avoiding complete deforestation reduces soil erosion, leaching of nutrients and enables a much faster turnaround process.
  • Bamboo uses less water and fertilisers
    Water conservation and cleanliness is a major eco talking point worldwide, with our growing population demanding more and more potable water while supplies are unfortunately dwindling. Bamboo is an extremely waterwise crop, with very little of the world’s plantations irrigated. On the other hand, cotton can use up to 20,000 litres to produce 1kg of useable product, and 73 per cent of worldwide cotton harvest comes from irrigated farms. Less fertiliser is also required for bamboo than cotton, meaning less cost to the farmer and less waste leaching into the soil (and subsequently the water table).
  • Bamboo cleans our air
    Bamboo has one more incredible eco-credential – it’s ability to significantly reduce CO2 and generate that life-giving oxygen we all rely rather heavily on. In fact, bamboo can produce up to 35 per cent oxygen more than trees, so don’t just wear your canes, plant some and pop a few around the house too!

So, there you have it - many, many reasons why bamboo was the natural choice in creating our sports clothing. This is just one facet of our commitment to creating a more sustainable brand, but we will continue to grow and learn as we produce garments we know you will love as much as we do – for you and for your planet.