TnG Apparel Ambassador Profile - Chris Kessell

TnG Apparel Ambassador Profile - Chris Kessell

December 29, 2017

Meet TnG Apparel Ambassador, Crossfit coach and all-round great guy, Chris Kessell.

Please introduce yourself.
My name’s Chris and I’m a 30-year-old Crossfit coach and athlete. My Crossfit journey began in 2013 after several years of struggling with my weight and fitness. I played state-level baseball through my teenage years into my early twenties, but after a knee reconstruction and moving away from Perth, I found my fitness disappear and my weight blow out. I was unfit, unhappy and wanted to change that before my wedding in early 2014. I found the right combination of exercise and people to motivate me at Crossfit Bunbury and haven’t looked back since. In mid-2016 I decided I wanted to become a coach, to help motivate people who were in the same shoes.

How is good health and wellbeing a part of who you are and what do these concepts mean to you?
Health to me has always been about putting yourself in a position to live a comfortable life. It’s a mindset I’ve adopted after watching my own dad struggle with his health for years – heart problems, lung problems, issues with his weight and diabetes, and mobility issues stemming from chronic health problems. Watching him struggle with things that he shouldn’t have to struggle with (like getting out of bed) has been by biggest motivator to keep myself healthy and well so I don’t end up in the same boat. I’ve never been one for strict dieting or portion control, but I’m a big believer in moderation. You can have that chocolate, that extra serve of cake or that extra beer – if you balance it all out with a generally healthy lifestyle.

To me, health and wellbeing goes beyond physical fitness. I never used to understand people who used exercise as a mental relief, but now I get it. If you feel good physically, it’s easier to feel good mentally, because you’re not worrying about when you last went to the gym, or whether you should be eating better or sleeping more or questioning your lifestyle decisions.

Sustainability is important to the TnG team, our kids and their future. Tell us your views on sustainability and what this means to you.
I feel like it’s pretty simple – we have a responsibility to leave the world in better shape than we found it. Future generations deserve the chance to enjoy the world as we have.

What are your plans, hopes and aspirations for the future?
Ideally I’d like to one day start a family of my own. Career-wise I’m not locked into anything, but I’m looking at ways to continue my fitness and health journey and spend more of my life helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Lastly, your favourite workout is...?
Grace (30 x 60kg clean and jerks for time). It’s just me, the barbell and the clock. No time to stop and think. Just put your head down and go.