Motivating Winter Workouts For Home

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June 20, 2019

The days are shorter, the weather is colder and the idea of heading out the door for a run or stepping into the gym is just a little bit harder to fathom. So, we thought it timely to offer some easy home workouts to help keep that motivation going! All are easy to do in just 10-15 minutes and require little to no equipment. No excuses not to workout this winter - get your sweat on and workout in your lounge room!

PT Lucy Turner has very kindly written up some routines for you to try in the comfort of your own home - and we can't wait to give them a go either! Make these your own; scale as needed, alter the rounds depending on your time and fitness level, or combine two for an extra push.

We have included four of Lucy's home workouts below - keep an eye on our social media for more over the coming weeks!

A little about Lucy:
My name is Lucy Turner and I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer based in Capel, WA. I was brought up to maintain a healthy lifestyle but found a major love for fitness when I moved to Australia in early 2013. After traveling, I joined a gym in Perth in 2014 and by 2017 I had completed my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness through TAFE, allowing me to coach big groups, small groups, individuals, children and seniors.

 While working at four gyms in Perth, I had the opportunity to build up my clientele to a full-time wage and was then able to leave my current job as a lab tech and pursue my passion for fitness. I completed my Metafit, MetaPWR and Punchfit courses in 2017/18, enabling me to now share those courses with my clients too.  My training style changes often and is different for every person depending on their goals.

‘Effort and success come hand in hand; you cannot succeed without putting in the effort’  

Capel Fitness with Lucy
1. 10 each exercise, 5 rounds
Floor to sky's
Half burpee
Tuck jumps
Explosive jacks

2. 14 each exercise, 4 rounds
Bench dips
Step ups
Mountain climbers
Elevated lunge
Legs up sit-ups

3. 20 each exercise, 4 rounds
Band upright row
Band squat and curl
Band rows
Overhead lunge and lat pulldown
Sit-up and reverse fly

4. 1 minute on each exercise, 2 rounds
Push ups
Squat jumps
Star jumps
High knees