Australian Made Clothing

Australian Made Clothing

January 29, 2018

The TnG Apparel team decided right from the start to set out on our sportswear business journey with custom Australian made clothing. We wanted to create a sustainable apparel brand that we can be truly proud of – not just the most comfortable, functional sportswear we can imagine, but responsibly made to the highest quality. While heading off-shore for clothing manufacturing may be a cheaper option – to us, it is not an option at all. There are three main reasons:

1. Control over quality.
The TnG Apparel team is fussy when it comes to the quality of our athletic wear. There are plenty of sportswear brands out there, and we want to make sure we are up there with the best. We have carefully chosen our fabrics, customised the cut and put our test garments through the wringer so we (and you – our customer!) can be assured of a great product. Keeping manufacturing here in Australia allows us to maintain better control over these garments that we have put our heart and soul into; easier communication, assurance of quality work and a manufacturing team that are similarly committed to a more sustainable, locally-made future.

2. Keeping industry in Australia – good for you, good for our workers, good for the economy.
It goes without saying really, choosing to produce Australian made clothing rather than heading off-shore benefits local industry. Ultimately, it also benefits the nation's economy too. Having our sustainable sportswear manufactured here provides jobs for the talented patternmakers, cutters and machinists right here in our own backyard and keeps the Aussie dollar rolling around the country - not disappearing across the seas.

3. Reduced shipping miles.
You can’t talk local production without further discussing environmental impact. TnG Apparel carefully selected fabrics from more sustainable sources and recycled products, and we take that commitment to environmental concerns further by manufacturing our conscious clothing brand here in Australia. The cost of shipping miles is significant in terms of a company’s carbon footprint and we aim to keep ours as low as possible. In contrast to overseas brands that are imported here, buying Australian made clothing reduces the distance your product has to travel and therefore reduces the fuel use associated with it.

4. Less packaging
We also aim to keep packaging to a minimum – you won’t find copious amounts of plastic with your new TnG Apparel sportswear order. We use recycled brown paper, simply stamped with our logo. Even our care cards have been purposefully printed on recycled card stock.

So, as you can see, a lot of thought has gone into creating this brand! We have gone to great lengths to do everything we can for a more sustainable, responsible clothing line that we know will make a difference, even if only in small ways. We have had some amazing feedback so far, which make all our work that much more satisfying. If you haven’t already tried our tops – give them a go, we know you will love them as much as we do!